Warning Against Costly Parcel Frauds by The Customs Department & 4 Ways to Prevent Them

Don’t let any scam take away your peace of mind. Recently, the customs department has issued a warning against costly parcel scams. It is advisable to be alert and cautious rather than spending outrageous energy worrying about potential scams. This approach authorizes a more assertive and expedient response to defend against possible risks.

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How is YPay Constantly Helping you Stay Away from Scams?

YPay is committed to guaranteeing that individuals are well-versed regarding the latest scams by equipping them with the necessary knowledge to keep their funds safe and avoid falling prey to swindlers.

A scam that is spreading like a wildfire today is “parcel fraud,” which has unfortunately deceived many susceptible people. This has compelled the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) to come forth with an important initiative of broadcasting a public warning to make people vigilant about this scam.

In this scenario, fraudsters execute this scam by imitating Indian Customs officers and manipulating individuals, eventually tricking them out of their hard-earned money. It is necessary to stay educated and prudent to safeguard yourself and others from falling prey to such scams.

How Does the Scam Prevail?

Before the implementation of any precautionary measures, it is vital to thoroughly comprehend the tactics employed by fraudsters to deceit individuals. This knowledge acts as an indispensable foundation for efficiently safeguarding oneself against potential scams. Let’s discuss each one of them in a brief manner.

Impersonation: It is recommended to be careful as there are malicious elements in society who imitate representatives from government agencies such as the Customs Department or Police to mislead people.

False claims: Additionally, impostors try to deceive victims by falsely involving them in cases involving illegal drugs linked with their names, manipulating their trust and integrity for illegal profits.

Pushy tactics: Scammers make use of intimidation tactics to coerce victims by indicating legal repercussions or arrests.

Demand money: Fraudsters compel victims to send money or reveal personal data to avert fictitious legal consequences. Victims usually end up reimbursing the money because they hope to dodge dealing with legal outcomes.

Presence of scam: Once the victim is done disbursing the money, the scammer disappears from the scenario without leaving a trace. 

A List of Preventive Measures to Guard Yourself against Scams

When it comes to managing your funds, it’s paramount to wield vigilance and thoughtful consideration. You work day and night to earn money so don’t you think it deserves careful attention to guarantee? As a result, with each passing day, CBIC is constantly encouraging the masses to embrace the following measures in order to prevent themselves from becoming victim to such catastrophic scams:

Discern: Indian customs officers ensure to take precautions. As a result, they do not connect with the general public through phone, SMS, or email to request duty payments into private accounts. If you notice any fraudulent activity or come across any wrongdoings, disconnect the call instantly and refrain from responding to such messages.

Protect: No matter how engrossed you are in your everyday routine, always keep in mind that instead of crying over the problem, it’s better to prevent it. Therefore, ensure to guard all your sensitive data. Make it a priority to never share or divulge your personal details (CVV, passwords, Aadhar number, OTP (one-time password)) or send money to unknown people or organizations without authenticating their identity and legitimacy.

Verify: Each communication from the Indian Customs Department incorporates documents such as notices, letters, or orders. This document will consist of a unique Document Identification Number (DIN). It is indispensable for verification purposes. To ascertain the authenticity and components of the communication, the DIN can be verified on the official Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) website at https://esanchar.cbic.gov.in/DIN/DINSearch

Report: If you stumble upon any such instances that necessitate immediate attention, do not hesitate to report them to the helpline number 1930, which can be reached at www.cybercrime.gov.inor.

Your prompt action can help address these cases more efficiently than ever.  Implementation of relevant initiatives can safeguard your present well-being and future efficiently.

The Conclusion:

In conclusion, it has become more crucial than ever to keep a watchful eye on myriad risks of parcel fraud, as this is not just confined to safeguarding your finances but also associated with defending your mental well-being. Lately, the Customs Department has issued a warning that acts as a poignant reminder of the importance of comprehensively verifying and authenticating any unexpected parcel deliveries or requests for payment before taking any action.

Individuals can reduce the likelihood of falling victim to these costly scams to a significant extent by staying well-informed and exercising caution. Always keep in mind that your diligence today can possibly save you from struggling with substantial financial losses and agony in the future.


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