Dear GenZ,

Adulting just got easier. Ever thought that finance would become your kind neighbourhood friend? Watch it become the best one ever.

Now, make way for responsible financial freedom and take control of your money anytime, anywhere without a bank account.

Teens, behold! Now becoming financially independent is fun.

Parents, now you can safely raise a financially aware generation.

Institutions, now you can offer a smoother campus experience.

Why YPay cards make for
the best financial friend?

Allow Bankless Transactions

YPay needs no bank account.

Offer Exciting Rewards and Offers

Earn Cashback on Every Transaction

Managed through

YPay app helps you manage your expenses.

Offer Numberless Cards

Keeps the card from getting misused if stolen or lost

Allow to Pay Anywhere

Enjoy the flexibility of online transactions, ATM withdrawals, tap-&-pay with our card.

India’s First Hybrid Chip

Makes contact and contactless transactions possible.

The best financial friend makes life more colourful

Get the YPay card in different colours

See for yourself
how YPay works

YPay Smart card- Bankless Trasactions

But, all freedom should be handled with care

Trust us to deliver on this front too. YPay enables its users to make transactions in the most secure and safest way. You ask how? We adhere to all RBI guidelines with great care.

What do our customers
have to say?

Earlier I was a bit skeptical about my daughter using this card. But now after a few weeks, more than her I’ve come to love it. Its ease of use and safety have been a huge plus.​
I’d recommend this card to every parent who wants their kid to value money. It’s heartening to see my son save for things that earlier he’d ask us to buy for him. This power of feeling financially independent has really helped him become more responsible.
The offers on the card are really good and not a sham. I’ve recommended it to my friends too.

YPay card lets you do bankless payments

Now pay at your favorite online and offline stores anytime, anywhere without having a bank account.