YPay Brings Financial
Freedom for Gen Z

Now you can pay anytime, anywhere
without a bank account

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Premium Features
  • Bankless Transaction

    Ypay doesn't require a bank account

  • Manage Through App

    Ypay app lets you manage your expenses

  • Numberless card

    The numberless card improves consumer protection for online and smartphone shopping

  • Rewards and Offers

    Earn cashback on every transaction

  • Pay Anywhere

    Enjoy the flexibility to pay anytime, anywhere

  • India's First Hybrid Chip

    Contact and contactless transactions are possible with this hybrid chip card


The New Way to manage your money is here!

YPay lets youngsters make payments independently, relieving parents of the trouble of giving them physical cash or their debit/credit card.

Our Aim is to drive the smart generation from Cash to Digital

From ordering your favorite burger, buying gifts for your friends or parents. The opportunities are endless!

  • Pay at all times at your favourite shops.
  • Win exciting reward, discount and cashback offers on your favorite brands.
  • Become a part of YPay community where you can join, learn, earn and develop!

YPay Card is Suave, Secure and the Safest means of Transaction!

Teens can now make secure payments. We adhere to RBI guidelines, ensuring the highest safety and security for its users.

How YPay Works

Features for the Parents

  • The Benefit of Digital Payments

    Send money to your child whenever you want, from wherever you are

  • Controlled Expenses

    Parents can set limits and control the expenses of their child by transferring the amount they wish into their YPay account.

  • Transparency and Tracking

    Experience true transparency and manage your child’s finances by tracking their expenses.

  • Empowering Kids Financially

    Parents can help their children become financially independent and attain financial literacy through practical experience.

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