We’re a match for
schools and colleges too. Wonder how?

Because this one card can be used for all in-school transactions.

we serve

Shivalik College
Jaipuria School
CPWS School
Shantiniketan group of institutes
Vinayak Vidhyapeeth

Want the future in your palms?

YPay smart card is the right step in the direction of a cashless economy. We have tie-ups across industries, brands and companies. This makes us active contributors towards boosting the economy and transforming the city into a smart city.​

What’s in it for businesses, you ask?

Prioritises Your Safety

YPay spots fraud, avoids malware and checks identity.

Strengthens Your Security

YPay card uses encryption to protect information from unauthorised disclosure and frauds.

Corporates wish to know
what YPay has in store for you?

Offers physical
Allows canteen payments for employees
vendor payments
Offers other office facilities
YPay comes with a fleet of benefits for your employees
Incentive Payout

Corporates can provide additional perks to their employees via smart card.


Provides assured rewards on every transaction and offers on top brands

Offers Tax Savings up to Rs.12,000

Helps employees save up to Rs.12,000 annually.

Get benefits with our partner networks

YPay card lets you do bankless payments

Now pay at your favorite online and offline stores anytime, anywhere without having a bank account.